Local SEO Packages
Per Month
Per Month


Per Month
Per Month
Keywords Allowed5101530
Keywords Page 1 Guarantee(%)*0%20%30%40%
In-Depth Site Analysis
Competition Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Keyword Research & Analysis
Keyword URL Mapping
Initial Rank Check
Broken Link Check
Google Penalty Check
Mobile Usability Issue Checking
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Set Up (if not set up)
Google Webmaster Set Up (if not set up)
Data Markup//Rich Snippets
Open Graph Markup
Structured Data Markup
Advanced Schema.Org
Authorship Mark Up
Organization, Review or Product Mark Up
Content Optimization
Title Tags & Meta Tags5 Pages10 Pages20 Pages35 Pages
Keywords Tag
Header Tag
Have Bold, Italic and Underline of Keywords
Image Alt Tag Optimization
Engaging Images, Videos & Diagrams
Keywords in Post / Page Titles
Keyword MUST Appear in The First Sentence. With in First 100 Words
Keyword MUST Appear in The LAST Sentence
Keyword Density 2%
Keyword Prominence 100%
Keyword Proximity 100%
At least 1 Do Follow, Outbound Link to Internal Page with Keyword as Anchor Text
At least 1 Outbound Link to REPUTABLE External Page
Website Code Analysis
URL Optimization – Search Engine Friendly URLs
Canonical Optimization
Robots.txt Optimization
Creation and Validation of .htaccess and robots.txt
XML Sitemap & Html Sitemap Configuration
Add schema.org markup.
Broken Link Checking & Fixing. 404 & 301 Redirects
HTML Schema Implementation
W3C Markup Validation
Validate Code and Feeds
KML Sitemap
On-Site Optimization
Silo SEO Site Building
Site Hierarchy & Navigation
Internal Linking Structure – It Helps in Uuser Engagement & Reduce Bounce Rate.
Outbound Links to REPUTABLE External Page
Anchor Text Optimization
hCard Integration & Pages Updation
Site Speed Optimization
Optimizing Page Load Time
Enable compression
Minify JavaScript & CSS files
Enable browser caching
Improve server response time
Use Content distribution networks (CDNs)
Optimize Images
Mobile Optimization
Mobile Responsive Web Design
AMP Integration
Optimize for Local Search
Separate Mobile URL
Mobile Sitemap
Review or Product Mark Up
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business Setup, Verification & Optimization
Bing Places Optimization
Apple Maps Optimization
Yelp Listing Creation
Yellow Pages Creation
Foursquare Listing Creation
Data Aggregators
Top 50 Citation
The Best Business Listings For Every Local Business 10 20 4050
Hyper Local Citation
Hyper Local Citations
Niche Citations
Citation Building Tools
Facebook Business Profile
Facebook Timeline Design
Facebook Fan Page Creation
Facebook Places Optimization
Links Submission on Facebook Business page
Connect with Twitter
Twitter Account
Twitter Business Profile
Links submission on Twitter
Connect with Twitterfeed
Connect Google Plus with Twitter
Connect with Twitter
Profile & Boards Creation
Pinterest Optimization
Pin Website, Youtube & Other Social Accounts
Connect with Twitter & Facebook
LinkedIn Business Page Creation
Connect with Other Social Accounts
FourSquare Setup
Connect with Other Social Accounts
Yext Premium Account
Yext Premium Setup
Social Media Aggregator
Web 2.0 Creation 5 10 15 25
HD Video Creation & Submission
HD Video Creation & Submission
Power Point Slide Creation & Submission
Power Point Slide Creation & Submission
PDF and Document Creation & Submission
PDF Document Creation & Submission
e-Book Creation & Submission
E-Book Creation & submission
HTML5 Digital Publishing
Creation & Submission
Infographic Submission & Creation

Infographic Creation & Submission
Image Sharing Sites
Image Creation & Submission
Cinemagraphs Creation & Submission
Cinemagraphs Creation & Submission
Typography Creation & Submission
Typography Creation & Submission
Keyword Ranking Report
Google My Business (GMB) Insights Report
SEO Activity Reports
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