Get more views on YouTube – 7 killer strategies that work!

Video content is taking the world by storm no matter where it is being posted – a website, social media, or YouTube. And why not, it’s a visually appealing format that makes it easy to grasp information without having to read text. And when it comes to sharing and promoting video content, YouTube is an …

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6 Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Overlook in 2019

Let’s face it – digital marketing is the oxygen of online businesses. And without using the right digital marketing strategies, you cannot expect to survive in the online world. After all, it’s a vast world and there is a lot of competition on it. That’s a given fact! An effectively implemented advertising and marketing campaign …

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John Mueller Explains How to Use Headings
Just a simple question—why do you use headings? Yes, you are thinking in the right direction—to make a post easy-to-understand […] Read More
Start This Year With A Content Audit For Increasing Conversions
An annual content is a necessity, a dreaded but important necessity. It is, after all, a little tough to be […] Read More
Top 8 Google My Business Updates in 2019
It may have felt like a normal year, but the arrival of Google My Business updates left quite an impact […] Read More
The UX trends to look out for in 2019!

If you ever wondered what is the current driving force in the online marketplace, your attention needs to stop at ‘User Experience’. Yes, you read that right! User experience or UX is an industry in itself. In fact, there are very few industries which are as fast-paced and dynamic as UX. With an ever-evolving technology, …

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Is “Dwell Time” Exactly What You Are Supposing It To Be?

Dwell time first came into existence when Duane Forrester ( Senior Project Manager at Bing that time) mentioned this in a Webmaster Blog in the year 2011. Source– Wondering if it is helpful in any way or just a hype? Well! It is one of those metrics which are highly misunderstood by most of …

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