Boost Engagement With Outstanding YouTube Video Titles

Imagine you are in a room full of “Williams”. Who will you choose? And above that, if you add another “William” to that group. Why will anyone choose your “William” over others? Especially if they are already frontliners. The same thing happens with YouTube video titles as well.  With kickass video titles, you are ensuring …

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What is Google Penalty and How to Recover From One?

There are several ways of ranking your website on Google, some are good, some are bad, and some are forbidden. When you go into that forbidden zone, and Google catches you, it is when the whole problem starts.  There are a specific set of rules apply when you are SEOing a website or a business …

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John Mueller Explains How to Use Headings
Just a simple question—why do you use headings? Yes, you are thinking in the right direction—to make a post easy-to-understand […] Read More
Start This Year With A Content Audit For Increasing Conversions
An annual content is a necessity, a dreaded but important necessity. It is, after all, a little tough to be […] Read More
Top 8 Google My Business Updates in 2019
It may have felt like a normal year, but the arrival of Google My Business updates left quite an impact […] Read More
Cheer up! Google Has Announced Android 10, And it Looks, Yum!

Aogle recently let the world start using android 10, making it available for some of its phones. Cell phones which will be able to run it are Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3. Just like the rest of their belongings, Google is going slow with this new update too.  They are trying it first on …

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What Are The Best PPC Tools These Days?

PPC or Pay Per Click kind of marketing is changing faster than the London weather so quickly that it is getting tougher to keep track of the things. Especially the tools. We will discuss the free PPC tools very soon, but first, let’s check some of these PPC stats.  First be, for every dollar a …

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